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A timing belt is a non-slipping mechanical drive belt and the term may refer to either: Toothed belt, a flexible belt with teeth moulded onto its inner surface Timing belt (camshaft), a toothed belt used to drive the camshaft(s) within an internal combustion engine. We are the Distributors of various types of timing Belts ie, opti, Continental(Conti tech) and gates make. Timing belts are mainly Based on tooth pitch. Eg.3M, 8M And 5M Pitch.these are the curvilinear types of tooth profile. XL, L, H, XH And XXH Pitch tooth profile. toothed-belt,-a-flexible-belt-with-teeth-moulded-onto-its-inner-surface- timing-belt-(camshaft),-a-toothed-belt-used-to-drive-the-camshaft(s)-within-an-internal-combustion-engine.- we-are-the-distributors-of-various-types-of-timing-belts-ie,-opti,-continental(conti-tech)-and-gates-make.- timing-belts-are-mainly-based-on-tooth-pitch.-eg.3m,-8m-and-5m-pitch.these-are-the-curvilinear-types-of-tooth-profile.- xl,-l,-h,-xh-and-xxh-pitch-tooth-profile./b378
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